Better something than nothing



It’s been some time since i now joined WordPress, but i haven’t really had anything special to write about, nor much time to sit down and put together a decent post. I can’t promise you’ll feel plenty smarter after having read today’s post, but i can promise you i tried my best putting together something somewhat entertaining.

I guess most of you have solved crosswords/quiz’es at least once in your life, or maybe you even do it on a daily basis while eating your breakfast. I’ve put together a few words in a picture, most of the sentence is already finished (The words written in the middle of the picture), the rest of it is up to you to find out. Remember, you have to make sure that all the letters written on the poster’s held by the two women, are all used (It will be helpfull for you to scratch out the letters already used, this way you’ll will get a better view of which letters that still remain.) Here’s the picture:



I’ll try to think out something to write about for later today, since i actually just noticed i have to run off on an errand. Anyways, have a good day folx meantime 🙂


Puzzled and new

Ok, so i joined WordPress just recently, and there are so so many things i honestly don’t understand. The little I’ve edited on my design so far, took a whole lot longer than i imagine most people would have needed – Internet and data editing isn’t exactly my strongest side.

The rest of what I would change, that I have not yet figured out is:
+ Change the yellow text and menu text to white
+ Change the yellow menu line to white
+ Change the grey border to black
+ Replace current header with a larger one
(I would like to change to the header below:)


I tried uploading this new header some time after uploading the old one, don’t know if that’s the reason why when i upload the new one – it keeps getting cut the header in half. Or maybe it’s just the theme design that doesn’t allow header over a certain size?

I’d appreciate some help – especially if someone could explain to me detailed and accurate since I did not fully understand the explanations I searched up on the web.

Thanks in advance 🙂